Prezident Palace Beograd
  • Prezident Palace Beograd
23 February 2024.
24 February 2024.
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Spa & Wellness

In the unique ambience, on 1000 sq meters of the exclusive spa center based on holistic principles of relaxation and energy renewal, you will have a marvelous experience of relaxation and wellness which will stimulate your senses and offer a complete pleasure to your body.

Designed to offer revitalization and a first-class relaxing experience, the wellness center of the Prezident Palace Hotel abounds with contents which stimulate improvement of health and restore balance to your body and mind.

A unique comfort is accompanied by contents which include the swimming pool, the Finnish sauna, a warm marble tepidarium, a steam room, Jacuzzi, as well as a fitness center equipped with devices of the state-of-the-art technology.

A great choice of therapeutic and relaxation massages, individually adapted to your personal needs, will offer you an absolute feeling of regeneration.
Our professional staff will help you find ultimate relaxation and achieve a physical and energy balance.

Achieve a superb harmony of mind, body and soul.

For your ultimate luxurious pleasure and intimate moments of ultimate relaxation, try our premium VIP wellness and discover the topmost enjoyment with our unique offer and personalized services.

The space is dedicated to genuine hedonists and admirers of this type of authentic service including a private jacuzzi hot thub, tepidarium, sauna and massage room, perfectly designed to let you experience a topmost relaxation and unforgettable moments which will enhance your wellbeing and bring you absolute pleasure.

Usage of the outdoor pool, Spa & Wellness center is not allowed for persons under 18 years.

SPA price list Lilly
Spa & Welness 377
Spa & Welness 499
Spa & Welness 500
Spa & Welness 390
Spa & Welness 501
Spa & Welness 358
Spa & Welness 359
Spa & Welness 186
Spa & Welness 185
Spa & Welness 183
Spa & Welness 182
Spa & Welness 187
Spa & Welness 394
Spa & Welness 184
Spa & Welness 395
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