Prezident Palace Beograd
  • Prezident Palace Beograd
22 Maj 2024.
23 Maj 2024.
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Prezident Palace Beograd

The restaurant Marie Antoinette, with its authentic offer, is situated on the ninth floor of the beautiful baroque building and represents a perfect blend of sophisticated design and gastronomic hedonism.

The glass walls will allow you to feel the authentic spirit of Dorćol, the most attractive city quarter which perfectly combines a rich heritage with urban rhythm of modern European quarter of cosmopolitan spirit.

A spacious restaurant terrace will offer you an unforgettable view to the river Danube, magnificent in its power and beauty.

Inspired by the most powerful woman of the French culture who reached beyond the limits of esthetics, luxury and style, the restaurant Marie Antoinette takes pride in bearing the name of the famous French queen, an adored heroine with refined taste for art and esthetics.

Sophisticated and elegant interior abounds with splendid furniture with rich baroque ornaments,
accompanied by marble details and magnificent crystal chandeliers.

A unique atmosphere is impeccably refined with fantastic gastronomic harmony of the international specialties and our local cuisine, perfectly blended with current culinary trends.

The superb gastronomic philosophy is perfectly accompanied by fantastic collection of XXX classy wines from the top wine-producing regions in the world.

Wishing to offer a completely new concept to our guests that would intertwine visual, esthetic and culinary experience, we set unique standards which bring world trends to the Belgrade gastro scene.

Luxury concept of superb gastronomy.
— The restaurant Marie Antoinette
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