Prezident Palace Beograd
  • Prezident Palace Beograd
22 Maj 2024.
23 Maj 2024.
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Prezident Palace Beograd

Like no other hotel in Serbia, Prezident Palace Belgrade Hotel represents homage to life of royal couple Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, located in the heart of oldest part of Belgrade.

From the very entrance of glamorously lit lobby, designed with unique touch of French, highly sophisticated elegance, our hotel takes you to one of a kind journey trough time, all the way back to the baroque era, time of luxurious balls and lifestyle.

Entire furniture was designed specially for our hotel and manufactured during 5 years - including design, selection of high quality fabrics and hand crafting details with unique gold plating techniques.
Some of used materials are one of a kind and can be seen only in few places around the world.
Massive crystal chandeliers are made inspired by those in Versailles and they are made combining most finest Murano glass and Swarovski crystals.

Authentic exhibits placed around entire hotel will bring royal feeling to every guest and glamorous fairytale experience.

Prezident Palace Belgrade is adult only hotel with strict age policy (18+).

The most luxury hotel in Serbia by CreAwards.

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